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Early Life

Kamilla Bjorlin was born and raised in Sweden. At the age of seven she began acting in theatrical productions, launching her into a lifelong passion for acting and the arts. Since then, she has stared in dozens of theater productions, including lead roles in Speed the Plow, A chorus Line, Merry Wives of Windsor, and Visit From Wild Man.

Kamilla Bjorlin


Kamilla moved to the United States as a teenager to launch her career in the entertainment industry. From early on, Kamilla made it a priority to take on any role that challenged her skills, leading her to master multiple languages, dance styles, and unique acting methods. Her willingness to try anything and work hard to deliver an engaging performance has led her to star in major film and television productions, including voice acting roles. Her features include, but are not limited to: Princess Diaries 2, Raising Helen, Devil’s Knight, Miss Castaway, Last Marshall, Days of Our Lives, Maximum Bob, The Hugh Hefner Story, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In addition to her acting work with film and television, Kamilla also found great success in the music industry. In 1993, she was the choreographer and signer of Touch, an American female group. Together, Touch traveled the United States, performing at various notable venues and events. This includes the Venetian in Las Vegas, the Hollywood Bowl in the Universal Amphitheater, Freek Theater, Boston City Hall, and at the closing of Boston Garden.

Kamilla Bjorlin


Kamilla Bjorlin has discussed her career, the entertainment industry, and various projects throughout the years. Below are 

If I have a project I’m acting for, I’m up early and reading hours before I’m due on set. When I am on set, I stay on task, pay attention to the direction of the director and offer feedback …

When I was just a girl, my parents wanted me and my siblings to stay active doing something besides sitting at home. We joined a local theater group where I stuck around for a long …


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